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With DESIGN VOYAGE Concierge capabilities of your journey are infinite and we are more than happy to make your every single wish come true while you travel with us.

Would you like your vacation to be marked by a memorable event? We will help you to get to the most high-profile events in the world: Oscar, Cannes Film Festival, Fashion week in Milan, Paris or New York, Formula 1, Champions League, Royal Ascot and many others.

Or perhaps you wish to show up in the community of influential people and to enter the members club or an exclusive event - even these are possible with us!

Looking through the newest Vogue in the morning by the pool you've noticed a pair of Louboutins that you really liked? We will deliver them straight to your hotel suite.

Our concierge opens up the doors to the comfort and unforgettable experience in any corner of the world!
DESIGN VOYAGE is accredited IATA agent

Selection of the most convenient flight itinerary in the necessary direction.

For the most discerning travelers -  organization of the flight to the desired destination with the maximum level of comfort in a private jet: by an individually created schedule, first class cuisine and exquisite drinks, luxurious interiors, access to private terminals, flexible luggage allowance as well as top security and complete freedom of action.

Gift your nearest and dearest with unforgettable experience by presenting them with DESIGN VOYAGE gift certificate.

Honeymoon, Birthday, Graduation, Promotion, Retirement, Vacation or just any other special occasion - we are always ready to help and choose the best way to please the people close to you and show how much you appreciate and care about them.

Every single journey is provided with the insurance policy.

In case of emergency with its help it is possible to receive free medical assistance as well as compensate possible expenses for medical, legal and transportation services, restoring lost documents and other services during your travel.

Travelling to Ukraine and would love to experience it in a luxury way?

From the VIP lounge in Boryspil airport, prestigious car with personal driver, luxurious accommodation, private guide, gourmet restaurants, yacht rentals and personal shopping to any other kind of request, DESIGN VOYAGE will take care of all the possible needs  that may arise while you stay in Ukraine.

Our concierge is available 24/7 via the contact number +380660676170


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When you want to forget about everything, feel complete peace, plunge into the world of relaxation, there is nothing better than spa procedures. This is a philosophy of relaxation, a special attitude not only to the human body, but also to his inner world. Literally, translated from Latin spa means "health through water."

Therefore, an integral part of spa procedures is water, both in pure form and with the addition of aromatic oils, honey, flowers, etc. For some, spa resorts have already become a lifestyle, someone else expects to get acquainted with the world of tranquility, pleasure and beauty. So that you can choose what suits you, we have compiled a list of the best spa resorts in the world.

Every bride dreams of a honeymoon in a fairy tale. Looking forward to the main day of their life, the newlyweds especially carefully choose the direction for their honeymoon.

An amazing and unique trip, which will give forever dear to the heart memories, simply must be magical.

Only the best, well-established and time-tested winter resorts, where you can spend several wonderful days away from city noise, skiing or ice skating and spend evenings by the fireplace in a cozy hotel room with a glass of fragrant mulled wine in your hand.

Often parents choose a rather typical vacation for children, not thinking that little children do not like adult games at all.

However, if you take a child, for example, to the world's largest water park or "candy" amusement park, he will certainly be delighted.

No matter what happens in the world, whatever the times, it is obvious that there are values that come, and there are eternal values.

These, without a doubt, include culture and history. And sea cruises are the most comfortable way of moving between the treasures of world civilization.

Gastronomic tours are not just tours for those who like to eat tasty and eat a lot. These are specially selected gastronomic relaxation programs for true connoisseurs of cooking.

The gastronomic tour takes into account all your wishes - whether you are a lover of fine French cuisine, and your dream is to taste the best varieties of cheese accompanied by selected wines, or you decide to find out what is Spanish jamon, or your goal is to taste the world famous spaghetti, pizza and Italian Lasagna ...

And even if you don’t have any preferences in cooking, and there is only a desire to try something unusual, then trust us and help with the choice.

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